why mindful in nature?

On my mindful nature walks I am guiding you in mindful practices and meditation.

But what does it mean to be mindful in nature? And what benefits does it have?

Mindfulness means simply being in the Now. That’s why I chose the name “einfach Sein” for my mindful nature projects, which is German for “simply being”. When you are mindful, you direct your focus consciously on what is at this moment.

Thus, practicing mindfulness means to learn and train to direct your focus consciously on inner and outer aspects of this moment. When we are mindful, we are able to choose, which parts of the Now we give our attention to, and which ones we let simply pass by – like clouds in the sky.

In this way, being mindful enables us to become a neutral observer of the Now – no matter in what form it presents itself to us.

Nowadays most people notice that they are almost constantly exhausted, haunted by anxieties and worries, or constantly searching for something new. What exactly they are looking for, they cannot really explain, or it changes again and again. It seems like a kind of senseless restlessness or a restless senselessness has become a normal state in our modern society.

Mindfulness in nature grounds us – in nature, in this moment, and last but not least in ourselves. Its ‚side effects‘ are, therefore, relaxation, recovery, personal development, contentment, clarity, calmness, patience, spiritual experiences and realisations, joy of living, and inner peace.. As a published German writer I know that being mindful in nature can be a source of inspiration, which brings your creativity in flow inside.

But these effects are by no means our declared goal when we are mindful in nature. Rather, it is about simply being in nature and observing what is happening around us und within ourselves. The focus is on the conscious awareness of the present moment – and for this purpose I guide you in practices and meditations during my walks.

Mindfulness in nature is, therefore, unintentional, present as well as completely open and accepting, that is, allowing whatever is Now.

In this way, we can give things, people, and ourselves the time we need. Nature has its own rhythms, processes, breaks, and general ways of showing itself and developing. And we are there as mindful observers..