mindful nature walks

For my mindful nature walks I chose a few paths ‘in front of my doorstep’ in the beautiful Costa Vicentina natural park in Western Algarve in the area of Vila do Bispo/ Sagres. Of course, as a ‘local’ I have a vast knowledge of the flora, fauna and the life in the Algarve.

But with my mindful walks I want to share a completely new experience of walking and nature with you. We will do some mindful practices together along our way so that we get in close contact with the nature surrounding us. In addition, I will guide you on a mindful meditation , which grounds you in this special moment in nature and, thus, gets us to our silent space inside.

By coming back to yourself and nature during my mindful walks you can leave your stressful everyday routine and heavy thoughts behind.

The walks are kind of like a refreshing breath you are doing consciously after you have been drowning in a sea of stress for a while.

Impressions of my mindful nature walks you can find on facebook and instagram.

The Trails

For your booking you can choose between three options for the trails:

  1. westcoast
  2. southcoast
  3. inland

All trails are between 5-6km in length, a mindful nature walk takes about 2,5 hours and usually takes place in the morning.

Prices depend on the trail and are from 25 € per person.

The trails are all located in the area of Sagres/ Vila do Bispo, which is my home.

Private groups:

  • pay for a minimum of 4 people (independent of actual group size)
  • can send me a request to do the mindful nature walk at sunset .

For your booking please contact me here .