about me

My name is Franzi and I love being outside in nature.That’s why in 2017 after my studies at universities in Germany I decided that my place of work – so the place I am going to spend most of my lifetime – is not going to be inside a dark little office. Instead I started working as an outdoor hiking guide for various German tour agencies guiding groups in different countries all over the world.

These more than two years of experiences as a hiking guide inspired me to start my own mindful nature walks in the beautiful natural park Costa Vicentina in the area of Vila do Bispo/Sagres, which I am calling my home for more than a year now.

My walks combine my fascination for everyday mindfulness, for conscious being in nature, and for meditation..

Next to my mindful walks I am working as a German writer. Sign up here for my German-speaking newsletter ‚mindful mail‘ and receive a free meditation by the ocean , which brings you back to inner peace so that your creativity can flow freely.